fixed! Melvin & Janey Lack

It is always difficult to choose a contractor for one’s second home. We live in another city and do not have access to our normal source of people to give us recommendations. With our limited information source, we were so lucky to be given your name as a reliable contractor to replace the wood on our 30-year old, two-story deck.

You and your crew showed up on time to discuss the project and to give us all of our possible choices. You gave us a strong bid and were awarded the project. In the middle of the work, you discovered that our problems were deeper than just the decking. The wood interior for the stucco support columns had also rotted and were in danger of collapsing. And some door and windows frames were rotting. You insisted I see the problems to understand the extent of the work needed and I appreciated that.

Whenever I came to inspect the project, you and your Laney crew were careful to address any of my concerns and to tell me when and how they would be resolved (and usually it was just a timing issue).

Our deck and the other problems have been fixed. We are so pleased with the workmanship. Equally important is the professional manner in which the whole project was performed. Thanks to you and your crew. We appreciate you!